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Physical education is a discipline which acquaints the students with sports psychology, research methodology, sports medicines computer application in physical education and exercise psychology.  It is a course which helps the students to closely understand physical activities related to sports. It teaches the students to improve techniques and approach applied to fitness in sports and in other areas.

B.P.Ed is a course which teaches various disciplines of physical activities. It is a sports based course. It describes the theory of ancient and medieval Vedic Yoga. All in one it takes you to next level of amazing sportsman spirit inculcated through training in sports and knowledge of various kinds of dynamic physical exercises.

Being a postgraduate physical education course, the objective of this course is to produce proficient physical education graduates. It is done by this course through enhancing the abilities and skills of students for application of physical education theories and expertise in the real life problems faced by athletes. It prepares the students for solving problems in fields like training, fitness, teaching, consultation, and therapy.

C.P.Ed, on the other hand, is a certificate course for elementary school teachers. With ememozin- the online rental library gets all important books on rent online for physical education training and preparations.