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The unbelievable fact of the world is that the millions of trees are cut on every day basis for the production of papers used in the printing of books, magazines, novels, study materials, commercial papers, and more. The regular cutting down of trees for the varied purposes including the manufacturing papers is sure to result in many of the negative factors and is the direct threat to the world.

With the core intention to minimize the cutting down of the trees, we at Memozin Private Limited (www.ememozin.com) encourage you to come forward and join our ‘Donate Books Program’.

Our ‘Donate Books Program’ focuses majorly on two purposes:

  1. Education of the needy/poor children: There would be many books lying unused or old in your house that can be of great use for the needy and the underprivileged children willing to study. So you can donate your books to ememozin.com and contribute in the education of the needy and poor children.


  1. Redistribution of the books: The donated books in the good condition will be used for the redistribution purpose to our paid library service members and thus make the best use of it. We at Memozin Pvt. Ltd. Encourage online book rental, instead of purchasing new books to avoid the purchase of new books; save your valuable money, avoid the unnecessary purchase of expensive books of multiple authors. It ultimately helps to minimize the consumption of paper and save cutting of trees. 

Illiteracy is a major challenge in India and poverty has been one of the key causes of it. Let us go through the few real facts in our country that has the impact on all:

  • About 72% of families living below poverty line have no books in their homes.
  •  The current literacy rate of India is 75% (2016).
  • About 33% of the Indian population lives below poverty line and hence deprived of basic education.
  • The interest in children towards books can be generated in the tender age by encouraging for education.
  • It has been observed that the children with the availability of more books and educational features are more talented and resourceful.

With the core purpose of helping the socially backward, underprivileged and the extremely poor children, Memozin Private Limited has partnered with many of the NGO’s and charitable trust across the country engaged in the education and all-round growth & development of the poor children.  

You can come forward and participate actively in the Ememozin Book Donation Drive. Instead of selling or used or old books to the scrap merchants, donate your books to us and get attractive rewards. You not only earn good value for your donated books but also contribute to the social cause. You never know, your donated books could prove to be the first choice of someone. You also contribute in decreasing the cutting of trees used in making papers.

Now go ahead and:

  • Make a list of all the donatable books
  • Fill the Donation Form at https://www.ememozin.com/donate-book
  • You can also call us or email us to inform about your wish for book donation. You can donate used/old/new books as per your convenience.
  • We would coordinate and get the books picked up from your doorstep. 

Note: Your donated books may change the life of any poor child.

Donate your used books generously and help to make the important initiative taken by Ememozin Individual & Corporate Library Services a grand success.


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