HOMe Corporate Library

Memozin Private limited is actively engaged in marketing & promotion of Ememozin Library Services - India most trustworthy and professional destination for the widest category of books. Our library services are divided into three major segments on the basis of the uses.

They are

(i) Individual Library and

(ii) Corporate Library.

(iii) College Library 

The category Individual Library is meant for the individual users interested in reading books for the varied purposes. You can save up to 85% cost on the purchase of the expensive and important books by choosing the best membership plan at a very cost-effective price for a certain duration with free delivery and pickup.

There are the multiple membership plans for you to choose based on your different requirements. As a paid member, you get the Free Access to thousands of the e-Book and Audio Books for the effective and better understanding. Why wait now? Go ahead and purchase your preferred Ememozin Library Membership plan and realize your dreams. For more information on the different Individual membership plans, explore www.ememozin.com today.