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We are a fast developing registered company based in Noida, India. We are in the service industry and are engaged in providing the facility of the individual and corporate library through our dedicated online platform www.ememozin.com. We arrange the free delivery and pick-up of the diverse range of the books under the varied membership plans at the doorstep of the users. We are in the process of launching our e-Commerce platform facilitating the online purchase of the widest category of books and high-quality stationeries at the best selling price for the benefit of our valuable customers.

We value our every single business associate and believe in growing together. We have observed endless scope of growth and grand success in the domestic market. We would leave no stone unturned in order to receive beyond the expected success in the shortest duration of time. We believe in providing the opportunity and heartily welcome the domestic and international investors to come forward for the discussion related to the investment in our company Memozin Private Limited.

It is very well said that time and tides wait for no one in this world. Similarly, opportunities don’t wait for anyone. This is the right time to grab the wonderful opportunity of investing with Memozin Private Limited - a company with the endless scope of growth.

Our in-depth market analysis proves the limitless scope of business growth in the market. There are indeed the great growth opportunities for the investors interested in investing with us. For more information on our services, you can visit www.ememozin.com. You can drop in anytime for a cup of coffee at our office in Noida. You can drop an email for the appointment at info@ememozin.com for the earliest meetings.