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Widest Collection of Online Books for Rent at Ememozin

Among the different classification made, the demand of Ememozin Corporate Library is noteworthy in India. It has various advantages, attractive features and is cost-effective. There are varied options available in our Corporate Library category designed to fulfill the Corporate Reading Solution. It is available on PAN India basis.

Now there is no need to make the unnecessary investment in setting up the physical library in the company premises and increase the burden of hiring staffs to manage the library administration, buy millions of books and occupy the production space. Our Corporate Library Category helps you avoid all your unnecessary investments. All the Corporate plans are customized considering the number of books, duration, number of employees, and also the available company fund. There will be dedicated log-in credentials allotted to every single team member for the hassle-free access of our unmatched online library facility. Don’t wait; rush to enjoy the widest collection of online books for rent at Ememozin.

Online Book Rental Websites 

There are many special membership plans made for the comfort and convenience of the organizations desiring to implement the corporate studying facility.


  1.  Pay Per User
  2.  Pay Per Book
  3.  Enterprise Plan
  4.  Mini Library at Office
  5.  Employee Plan

At Memozin, we are engaged in catering the Corporate Reading Solution need across the industry. We have our presence on PAN India basis and are in the continuous expansion process. Some of our key corporate clients are Mahagun Mascot, G. C. Degree College, MTL Pvt. Ltd,, Supertech, Gyanmudra Group, Dynamic Group, Packers & Movers, Pragati Engineers, U.B. Enterprises, and others.  Although there are numerous online book rental websites in the competitive market, Ememozin.com with its highly contented services leads the market.

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(a) Pay per user

Organizations can purchase Ememozin.com login licenses for limited number of users. This plan sets a monthly rate of payment per user license purchased.

(b) Pay per book

Under this plan, Organizations can choose to take as many Ememozin.com corporate login licenses as they wish. The organization is charged based on the number of books issued per month.

(c) Enterprise plan

This plan is for Organizations that wish to purchase Ememozin.com login licenses for their entire employee base. A discounted bulk rate is applied, and the organization pays a lump sum monthly amount irrespective of number of users or books issued.

(d) Mini Library at office

Ememozin.com can set up a mini library inside Organizations’ office premises. The organization decides on the number of books to be stocked in the library and these are replenished with new titles every month.

(e) Employee plan

Under this plan, a special rate of pricing is designed for an Organization, and this is offered to all employees of the Organization. The employees can then choose to opt and pay if they wish to use this service.



#Ememozin has huge collection of e-books, audio books, videos, motivational lessons, yoga lesson, and more along with the 90+categories of physical books. Moreover the library services are quiet satisfactory.
Awanish Kumar Singh