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About ememozin.com

About ememozin.com

1. What is ememozin.com?

Ememozin.com is India's largest online book rental service provider with unique features that makes it the right choice for you with access to over 90,000 books classified into the multiple categories. We have a user-friendly website with a simple-yet-effective search feature, great rental plans, free delivery and pick-up anywhere in India. Our mission is to cultivate the habit of reading books by making it affordable, hassle free and an enjoyable experience.

2. How many books do you have in your library?

We have over 90,000 books in our library divided into the important categories including Management, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Engineering, Medical, Law, Competitive Exams, Children books, Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels, History, Philosophy, Science, Economics, Politics, Biography, Travel, Outdoors & Nature, Parenting & Families, Human Resources, Cooking, Religion and so on. We also have books in regional languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and more.

3. How many copies of each title do you have in your library?

We stock multiple copies of most titles in our Library, and are constantly upgrading our collection based on your valuable feedback, requests, reviews and what's hot and happening in the world of books. We buy more copies of the books depending on the demand for the same by our valued members.

4. Why should I become a member of ememozin.com?

Ememozin.com offers the following advantage to the book lovers:

-               Access to a wide collection of books

-               Free of cost Delivery and Collection of books from your doorstep

-               You have the option to choose the membership plan on the basis of your requirements

-               Flexible and multiple number of rental plans to suit your varied needs

-               Only Original books form the part of our library

-               Genuine membership plan fee

-               You have the option to share reviews and feedback on the books you have read.

5. How do I benefit from being an ememozin.com member?

We at ememozin.com provide the “3C” concept to our members - Cost, Convenience and Collection.

-               You have access to a diverse range of titles rarely seen at your local library. Choose from our wide selection of books - everything from New Releases, Classics, Best Authors, and Best Sellers in various categories & languages. All our books are the original releases so you don't have to deal with shaky prints.

 -              We deliver books at your doorstep and get it picked up upon your return request free of cost.

 -              There are no late fees. That's right! You can actually keep the book for as long as your account is active.

-               Our rental plans offer enough flexibility to suit your varied reading needs.

-               Being a member with ememozin.com means so much more than just original print of great books. You get to share your views related to the books you read, make recommendations to your friends, and help to decide the popularity of a book by rating it. You can express yourself or follow us on the different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and more.

-               Books are available in English & regional languages like Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and more under one roof.

6. What are the categories of Books?

We are providing Print Books, e-Books and Audio Books on the same membership plan.

7. What are the work timings?

Ememozin.com office timings are from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. We do not work on Sundays and National Holidays. Information about any other holidays would be published on our dedicated company website or via e-mail. Our portal is available for your access 24x7.

About The Website

8. How do I search for books on your site?

You can go for the hassle free search by title, author, category and more. Search field in the top bar using keywords, title, and author, category, or ISBN number.

9. What is a book queue?

A book queue is a list of the books you would like to read. Clicking on ‘Add to Queue' button below the image of the book will add the book to your queue. We strongly recommend that you have at least ten books in your queue for your own convenience.

10. How do I manage My Queue?

Your Queue is managed by our management team according to your reading priority. Sign in, browse for the book you want and click ‘Add to queue’. The book is automatically added to the bottom of the list in the Queue. If you want to read something else first (set the priority of the books in accordance to the way you want to read them and also keep in mind the availability factor and click on ‘Update Queue'. If you change your mind about a book, click on ‘Remove' button and then click ‘Update Queue'.

11. What is My Booklist?

My Booklist represents the list of books that you want to read. The order in which you would like to read the books can be set by giving priority numbers to the books.

12. How do I manage My Booklist?

You can manage your Booklist by changing the priority of the books available in your Booklist. You can also remove a book from your Booklist. To add a book to your Booklist, browse a book and click ‘’Add to Booklist" button. To remove a book, click on the delete icon on the same row in the Booklist. To rearrange books in the Booklist you have four options: (i) Move to First - Move this book to the top of the Booklist. (ii) Move one Up - Move this book one level up in priority. (iii) Move one Down - Move this book one level down in priority. (iv) Move to Last - Move this book to the end of the Booklist.

13. How do I delete books from My Queue?

To delete books from My Queue, Sign In and access My Queue. Click on the ‘Remove' button.

14. Why should I keep at least ten books in My Queue?

Books are shipped to you based on priority and availability. If a book is in great demand, despite having multiple copies, we can have a ‘temporarily-out-on-circulation' situation. Therefore, a longer book queue helps us continuously deliver books of your choice. You are less likely to be faced with a situation, where you are not shipped books due to an out-of-stock situation.

15. How do I get books to ship once I have added them to My Queue?

Books are shipped automatically once you have added them to your queue. Remember to constantly update your queue and add. You can add up to 30 books in your book list to avoid breaks in the cycle of your precious reading! You will receive an e-mail notification once your book shipment gets processed. (We recommend you have 10 books in the queue always.)

16. How do I know a book has been sent to me?

We will send you an e-mail notification once a book has been shipped to you.

17. What if the books are not delivered within 2- 4 working days?

Please give us a call at +91- 8800675999 and we will take the case on priority basis.

18. How do I get my next set of books after completion of reading?

After you have finished reading, please press "Pickup and deliver" (if you want the next set of books to be delivered) or just "Pickup" (if you do not want the next books now). We would pick up the books that you have with you and deliver the next set of books from your booklist (if you select pick-up & delivery) within 2-4 working days.

Process and Delivery related Information

19. Once I become a member, how soon will I receive my books and how many at a time?

Once you register with ememozin.com, use your User ID and Password (which you have created) for the complete website access including browsing and adding books to the queue. However, if you have paid by cheque books will be shipped to you once your cheque gets cleared. We will send you books of your choice within 24 hours after you are done with the adding of your preferred books to your book queue. We encourage you to create a book queue of at least ten books. The number of books that you will receive at any given point of time will depend on the eligibility in accordance to your membership plan & the availability of the books.

20. How many books can I rent each month?

This depends on your subscription package. With our Leisure Reader, you get 3 books a month. With Passionate Reader, 6 books a month can be at your doorstep and with Unlimited Plan, you get three books per delivery. For more details you can refer to our prices & plan section.

21. How often do you ship books?

We ship books from 9 am to 9 pm, 6 days in a week, Monday to Saturday (except public holidays). Please remember that we deliver books as per your plan in 24 working hours and cut-off time of your order will be 3PM on every day.

22. How will books be delivered to me and when will I get it?

Books are delivered at your doorstep either by Ememozin.com personnel or by a representative of our logistics partner. In most cases, you will receive books within 24 working hours.

23. Will books be delivered on time?

We have a professional logistics solution in place to ensure that all books get delivered on time. i. e. within 24 working hours (in most of the cases). However, the actual delivery time of the books can vary. For more information, please read our Terms of Use section.

24. After completion of reading books how will I return them?

Sign in to your account and schedule a pick-up in “My Account”. For any help, call our Customer Care and request a pick-up at +91- 8800675999.

25. Do I have to return all the books at the same time?

Yes, but it depends on your subscription plan. So please refer our subscription plan

26. What to do when a book that I want is not available in your library?

If any title is not available in our library, you can request for the same at the Request a Book section on the bottom of our website and fill in the details. If it's a running title with any of the publisher, we will procure the book (Local /Import) and deliver it to you. The time for procurement will vary depending upon the source from where it is to be procured.

27. When do I have to return the books and how?

Once you have read the book, you can send it back to us. The earlier you send back your books, the sooner you can expect the next lot. To return the books all you need to do is just go to “My Account” select the books that you wish to return and click on “Pick Up” tab or you can also call at our customer care number on +91- 8800675999 during the working hours.

28. Should I send you an email when I return a book?

No, there is no need. Since you have already scheduled a pick-up, our system tracks the progress of your returning until the actual receipt is done.

29. How will I know that you've received the books and what I had returned?

When we process the books what you have returned, we will send you an email confirming receipt, and we will remove it from your account. Please allow at least two working days for us to receive the books that you have returned to the company.

30. Can I return a book directly to your office instead of scheduling a pick- up?

No, books can only be returned by scheduling a pick-up. In any case all our members are welcome to visit our physical library at any time.

31. What will happen if I damage/lose the book?

If you lose/damage the book, you need to pay the MRP of the book to us, to continue the service.

32. Do I need to pay for delivery and pickup of books?

No, Pickup and Delivery is absolutely free for you.

33. What if I am not present at home and when it will be delivered?

If you are not present at home and miss a delivery, then kindly call our customer care or e-mail us at customercare@ememozin.com to request for a re-delivery. Kindly note that free delivery/pickup would only be done twice. If you miss it again, then you would be charged Rs.40 for the next delivery/pickup.

34. How many books would be delivered in a single delivery?

The maximum number of books delivered is as per your plan.

35. What if the books sent to me are not in good condition?

If you find that the books sent to you are not in good condition, then we request you not to accept the delivery, and register the issue with us by calling us on +91- 8800675999 or by mailing us at customercare@ememozin.com. We will address the issue as soon as possible, and meanwhile, we would send you the next set of books.

36. What are the different options of requesting a pickup/delivery?

Pickup / delivery request can be made through any of the following options:

(a) Through your account by going to "My Booklist",

(b) Via SMS

(c) Calling our customer care at +91-8800675999.

37. What do I do if I get a wrong book?

Please call us to register the issue. We would send you the books as per your Booklist and take back the book wrongly delivered to you due to one or the other reason.

38. Will I get the book which is on the top of my priority list in the Booklist?

We try to give you the books as per your priority but if the same is in circulation then you get the next available set of books.

39. If I have registered as a member of a particular city, for example Delhi, then can I get deliveries in any other cities?

If you are registered as a member of Delhi, then deliveries would be done only in Delhi. You cannot get deliveries in any other city. You can however change your address within Delhi whenever you want.

Billing & Payment Related Information

40. How do I choose the right plan and how much do I need to pay?

To Join ememozin.com one has to pay a one-time registration fee of INR 300/- and a refundable deposit of INR 1000/- along with the plan charges in accordance to the plans that you choose. You can choose from our various subscription plans depending upon your reading requirements and in accordance to the number of readers in your family.

-               Single Book Reader:

This plan allows you to borrow and read only 1 book in a month. In case you finish the book within the monthly period then to get another book, you will need to renew your plan & in case you do not finish the book in a month and want to still read you need to renew the plan to keep the book with yourself.

-               Casual Reader:

This plan allows you to read only 2 books in a month and keep 2 books at a time with yourself. Once you finish, you can request for pick-up and get delivered the next set of books. Please note the books do not get carried forwarded from one month to another so in case you do not complete the 2 books quota in a month then your pending book will not be carried forward. (Suitable for a Single Reader in a family)

-               Leisure Reader:

This plan allows you to read only 3 books in a month and keep 3 books at a time with yourself. Once you finish reading the books, you can request for pick-up and get delivered the next set of books. Please note the books do not get carried forwarded from one month to another so in case you do not complete the 3 books quota in a month then your pending book will not be carried forward. (Suitable for Single/two Readers in a family)

-           Avid Reader:

This plan allows you to read only 4 books in a month and keep 4 books at a time with yourself. Once you finish reading the received book, you can request for pick-up and deliver next set of books. Please note the books do not get carried forwarded from one month to another so in case you do not complete the 4 books quota in a month then your pending book will not be carried forward. (Suitable for family with more than one reader)

-               Classic Reader:

This plan allows you to read only 6 books in a month and keep 6 books at a time with yourself. Once you finish reading the received book, you can request for pick-up and get delivered the next set of books. Please note the books do not get carried forwarded from one month to another so in case you do not complete the 6 books quota in a month then your pending book will not be carried forward. (Suitable for family with more than two readers)

-               Passionate Reader:

This plan allows you to read unlimited books in a month and keep 3 books at a time with yourself. Once you finish reading the received books, you can request for pick-up of 3 books and get delivered the next set of books. (Suitable for family with more than three readers)

- All the above plans are also available for 3, 6& 12 months duration with some added benefits: 

  • When you take a 6 and 12 months membership plan you will get certain discounts
  • Books carried forward: when you take 6 or 12 months plans, we will credit the total number of books in your account as per the plan chosen by you. You can read it as and when you wish to read. You need to finish the same before the expiry date of the plan.

For instance - if you chose a Leisure Reader for 6 months, the plan will allow you to read 18 books in 6 months - 3 books at a time.  

  • You need to complete the allocated quota within the plan period. Please note that the pending books from the present billing cycle will not be transferred to the other when you renew so in case you have completed only 15 books in six months the pending 3 books will not be transferred.

41. How can I pay for my membership?

You can either use Credit card or Debit card or pay for your membership online or, you can pay by cheque in favor of “Memozin Private Limited ", payable at Delhi. Our delivery boy will collect the same from you in case you reside in Delhi/NCR and in case you are from other cities then you need to courier the same at our Delhi address.

42. Is my credit card data safe?

We use the secure and dependable CC Avenue Debit Card & Credit Card payment gateway. That means that when you opt to pay online, we only connect you to the bank's fully secure payment gateway. Your Credit Card information is held only by the bank and not by ememozin.com. So your Credit Card data is safe. Once your payment is successful, we receive confirmation from the bank for the same within 24 hours. Undoubtedly, your credit card data is completely safe.

43. Can I hold two accounts with ememozin.com?

While you cannot hold two accounts with the same e-mail address, you can subscribe again using another legitimate e-mail address.

44. Will I be charged more if I am late with the monthly payments?

No, you won't be charged for making any late payments. But we will not ship books to you until you pay your dues. In case you decide to cancel your account and you have not paid the renewal fees for more than 5 days then we will deduct the same from your refundable deposit.

45. How am I billed?

On what day of the month will I be billed? How often am I billed? You are billed on a pre-determined billing date once a month. Sign In, go to “My Account” and check Account Details for your billing date. Paying by Credit Card or Debit Card is more convenient and beneficial, so we recommend it, but you can also pay by cheque. Additional billing information is available by clicking the “Billing activity tab”. You will see a list of all charges, including the date, description and amount billed.

46. Can I find out when and how much I'm billed each month?

Yes. Sign In, visit My Account, and access Billing Activity tab. You will see a list of all charges, including the date, description and amount billed.

47. How can I see my rental history?

To view your rental history; Sign In, visit My Account, and click on account Billing Activity Tab to see your billing activities and to see the complete book read history just click on the Returned Books Tab.

48. How do I upgrade my membership?

You can choose the change plan option under the renew plan section and upgrade your membership or you can also call the Customer Care on +91-8800675999 for the same.

49. When I forget my password, what should I do?

Click the link ‘forgot password', enter your Login ID and click on “recover password tab”. Your password will be mailed to you.

50. How do I cancel my membership?

Please call the Customer Care at +91-8800675999 or send an e-mail to customersupport@ememozin.com so that they can process your request.

51. Will I receive a refund if I cancel my membership in the middle of a billing month?

We do not give refunds of paid membership fees, but we will send you your refundable deposit of INR 1000 back after deducting the charges for loss and damage of books, if any.

52. Can I re-join once I have cancelled my membership?

Yes you can - all you need to do is mail us at customersupport@ememozin.com and we will call you back and get your account processed.

53. Are there any charges for late payment of subscription fees?

A late fine of INR 30 is charged if the subscription fees are not paid within 15 days from the date of generation of bill. We would also not issue any books to you until the payment is cleared.

54. What is Automatic Billing?

Automatic billing is the feature that removes the hassle of you renewing your membership every month by automatically renewing your account if you have not requested for pickup of the books with you. For e.g. if your membership is expiring on 10th March, and you have not requested for pickup of books with you before the expiry date, then your plan gets automatically renewed from 11th March. You can see the bill in My Account>Billing.

55. What are the different membership plans available?

There are a number of plans based on the number of books that a person would like to read in a month and also the duration for which the customer would like to subscribe. For details please refer the "Membership Plan" page on the website.

Special Features

56. What is ‘Gift a Membership’?

Gift a Membership is a feature through which you can give your friends/relatives a membership of ememozin.com as a gift.

57. How may I gift a membership?

Click on "Gift a Membership". Fill in your details and the details of the person whom you want to gift a membership. You have to make the payment for the subscription plan that you want to gift. You would be asked the date and mode of informing the person. Our representative will call you to verify and confirm the same.

58. What is Refer a Friend?

Refer a friend is a feature in which you can refer ememozin.com to your friends, by filling up a form. An e-mail would be sent to them, requesting them to join the service. For every referred friend who becomes a member of ememozin.com, you earn points which can be redeemed at the time of renewal of your membership plan.

59. What is Campus Connect?

Campus Connect is a program by which you become our representative in your school/college and spread the good word about ememozin.com. You actively help in promoting the varied services of the company and getting more members. In return you get free membership of ememozin.com, free merchandise and preference in any promotional programs conducted by us from time to time.

60. What is Suggest a Book?

If there is a book that you want to read, and it is not available in our collection, then you can request for the book to be included in our library. We would try to get it as soon as possible. The price of the book would need to fall within our permissible limit.

61. What is Donate a Book?

‘Donate a Book’ is a facility by which you can donate books to the library and reward points which can be redeemed against your next membership plan fees.

About common questions

62. Why didn't I receive the first book from my queue?

Books are shipped in the order of your queue, subject to availability. At times, your first choice of book may be in very high demand. If a particular title is not available, the next available book in your queue will be sent to you. We are investing in a substantial capital to build our inventory, both for new titles as well as additional copies of existing titles. We will fill book request as soon as title of your choice is available.

63. Why haven't I received any books?

In your queue you have added less than 10 books and the books you need that is already in circulation. To get the most out of your membership and for your own convenience, we strongly recommend that you keep at least ten books in your queue.

64. I received a ‘Book Sent' email, but I still haven't got any books. What should I do?

Please allow sufficient time for the books to reach you (at least one business day). If you are sure you haven't received it and sufficient time has elapsed, please send an email to customersupport@ememozin.com or call our Customer Care at +91-8800675999.

65. What do I do if I accidentally send you one of my personal books?

You can send an email to customersupport@ememozin.com or call our Customer Care at +91-8800675999.

66. What are Unlimited Book Plans?

We have Unlimited Book Plans. Unlimited Book Plan is designed to make sure that a customer can read as many books as possible in a month.