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Are you interested in the origin and development of our landscape and in how plate tectonics control the surface features of the Earth such as earthquakes and volcanoes? In the evolution of life on Earth? In the origins of rocks and minerals? In contemporary environmental processes and how problems such as flooding or pollution can be mitigated? Are you unsure about whether you want to focus on rocks and minerals or the features and processes that shape our world?

Our degree in Geography and Geology attracts people who wish to study the dynamics of the Earth we live on, its resources, and the most economic and sustainable way to use these resources. It is about understanding how the world works, and how you can change it. If you enjoy working outdoors, have a good scientific background, and are interested in understanding how the world around you works then geography and geology is the degree for you and we at ememozin- the online rental library, provide you with the required knowledge with our geography and geology section and providing books on rent.