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At Ememozin the library membership plans have been devised keeping in mind the varied reading needs of the general users. There are multiple rental library plans under the Individual Library Category made available for the convenience of the readers.

The varied online book rental library plans are defined on the basis of number of books required in a month and duration. The facilities of renting any kind of physical books are made hassle free for you. You can explore our online web and click on the MEMBERSHIP PLAN tab.

To choose your plan, first decide the number of books you would like to read per month, and then decide the duration of the plan. You can rent out classic fiction non-fiction novels along with 90+ categories of books.

Also remember, the longer the duration, the less you pay. The registration fees and security deposit are a one-time expense. The security deposit is fully refundable at the time of completion of membership plan. There are no hidden charges and all the charges are inclusive of all taxes. To buy your required plan for Indian books and others, click Plan right now and save your valuable money.


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