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Narendra Modithe Man, The Times

MRP: Rs.395

Initial Payable: Rs.198

Rent Starts from: Rs.69.3

Rearview my Roadies Journey

MRP: Rs.295

Initial Payable: Rs.148

Rent Starts from: Rs.51.8

I Am Malala The Girl Who Stood Up ...

MRP: Rs.350

Initial Payable: Rs.269

Rent Starts from: Rs.94.15

My Autobiography

MRP: Rs.60

Initial Payable: Rs.60

Rent Starts from: Rs.21

Unbreakablean Autobiography

MRP: Rs.2250.5

Initial Payable: Rs.150

Rent Starts from: Rs.52.5

An Astronauts Guide To Life On Eart...

MRP: Rs.599

Initial Payable: Rs.399

Rent Starts from: Rs.139.65

My Brief History

MRP: Rs.399

Initial Payable: Rs.395

Rent Starts from: Rs.138.25

Hatching Twitter

MRP: Rs.382

Initial Payable: Rs.315

Rent Starts from: Rs.110.25

Breaking Barriers

MRP: Rs.195

Initial Payable: Rs.130

Rent Starts from: Rs.45.5

The Test Of My Life From Cricket To...

MRP: Rs.999

Initial Payable: Rs.275

Rent Starts from: Rs.96.25

Mahi The Story Of Indias Most Succe...

MRP: Rs.295

Initial Payable: Rs.236

Rent Starts from: Rs.82.6

The Race Of My Life An Autobiograp...

MRP: Rs.250

Initial Payable: Rs.165

Rent Starts from: Rs.57.75

Khushwantnama The Lessons Of My Li...

MRP: Rs.250

Initial Payable: Rs.161

Rent Starts from: Rs.56.35

Pataudi nawab Of Cricket

MRP: Rs.499

Initial Payable: Rs.239

Rent Starts from: Rs.83.65

Sahir Ludhianvi The Peoples Poet

MRP: Rs.399

Initial Payable: Rs.351

Rent Starts from: Rs.122.85

sunshine lanes a poetic journey

MRP: Rs.495

Initial Payable: Rs.330

Rent Starts from: Rs.115.5

This Is The Story Of A Happy Marria...

MRP: Rs.350

Initial Payable: Rs.196

Rent Starts from: Rs.68.6


MRP: Rs.750

Initial Payable: Rs.493.08

Rent Starts from: Rs.172.578

Heartfeltthe Inspirational Story Of...

MRP: Rs.296

Initial Payable: Rs.205

Rent Starts from: Rs.71.75

After Noon Girl My Khushwant Memo...

MRP: Rs.2250.5

Initial Payable: Rs.150

Rent Starts from: Rs.52.5

My Journey Transforming Dreams Int...

MRP: Rs.195

Initial Payable: Rs.137

Rent Starts from: Rs.47.95

Courage And Convictionan Autobiogra...

MRP: Rs.595

Initial Payable: Rs.419

Rent Starts from: Rs.146.65

Mother Teresa Angel In Disguise

MRP: Rs.2250.5

Initial Payable: Rs.150

Rent Starts from: Rs.52.5

Undisputed Truth my Autobiography

MRP: Rs.884

Initial Payable: Rs.599

Rent Starts from: Rs.209.65

Towards The Silver Crests Of Himala...

MRP: Rs.231

Initial Payable: Rs.200

Rent Starts from: Rs.70

Rajinikanth The Definitive Biograp...

MRP: Rs.399

Initial Payable: Rs.263

Rent Starts from: Rs.92.05

It Worked For Me In Life And Leade...

MRP: Rs.1317.95

Initial Payable: Rs.1317.95

Rent Starts from: Rs.461.2825

Sadhguru More Than A Life

MRP: Rs.299

Initial Payable: Rs.175

Rent Starts from: Rs.61.25

A Touch Of Greatness

MRP: Rs.195

Initial Payable: Rs.177

Rent Starts from: Rs.61.95

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

MRP: Rs.250

Initial Payable: Rs.141

Rent Starts from: Rs.49.35

Playing To Win

MRP: Rs.1099

Initial Payable: Rs.595

Rent Starts from: Rs.208.25

Unstoppablethe Incredible Power Of ...

MRP: Rs.499

Initial Payable: Rs.328

Rent Starts from: Rs.114.8

Mud, Sweat And Tears

MRP: Rs.499

Initial Payable: Rs.111

Rent Starts from: Rs.38.85

The term ‘Biography’ is the bio-data of an individual giving the details including the facts like education, childhood, family, career, achievements, experiences, relationship and more. It explains the experiences about the different things occurred at the varied stage of his/her life. We bring to you Biography books online rental library accessible 24x7. There are a number of the famous personalities including successful industrialists, celebrities, sportsmen, athletes, actresses from Bollywood, Hollywood & other industries.

At Ememozin Online Rental Library Services promoted by Memozin Pvt. Ltd., you can rent out or go for the online shopping of thousands of the biographies in the form of e-Books & Hard Copies at a comparative cost. If you wish to learn more about the life of a famous person, his/her personal biography is the right and the best source. There are three types of Biography including (i) Autobiography (ii) Biography & (iii) Memoir. You only need to visit Biography books library online to place your order.

At ememozin, you can rent out the biographies in the languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati & more in Hard Bound, Paper Back, and Hard Cover. Some of the extensively sought books are Narendra Modi -The Man, the Times, Rearview-My Roadies Journey, I Am Malala - The Girl who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban, Mother Teresa - Angel In Disguise, Unbreakable-An Autobiography, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, My Brief History, Hatching Twitter, Breaking Barriers, The Test of My Life from Cricket to Cancer and Back, Mahi -The Story of India's Most Successful Captain and more. Visit us now for the online biography books for rent in any corner of the country.

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