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Language is a tool used to interact with others and express ideas, emotions, knowledge, memories, and values. A language is also a vital tool for cultural expression it helps define each culture and identify themselves. In many places of the world knowing multiple languages is a virtue. “Language is the light of the mind.” 

Language is universal. People voice their ideas, emotions, and thoughts across to the world through language. Multitudes of people across the country speak a variety of languages. A native language is a blueprint for the world to hear. Native language gives homage to a person’s culture and home life. Native tongues open doors for education and job opportunities. A native tongue is translated in books and plastered on signs across the communities.

Imagine what if language decreased to just a single basic language, and no another language existed? People would mirror each other, and have no idea of diversity. So where is it written in stone that language should be limited to one? Everyone wants to speak and write his or her own mother tongue, but unfortunately, our own beloved languages have been neglected by our own people. So why not build our love with our vernacular language and be grounded to your roots always and read books online with the vernacular language section of the online rental library, ememozin.